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PRICING (This increase is as of 4/1/2017)

NMT Sessions with our therapists are always customized to your specific needs. Our approach includes a brief postural assessment, a review of any injury history, discussion of treatment goals, and the application of neuromuscular therapy techniques and other modalities to reduce pain and improve function.

(For first-time clients ONLY)

25 MIN   $55
55 MIN   $110
85 MIN   $130

 SERIES of 4 ...

TEEN PACKAGE of 4 $150 (30 Minutes)

30 MIN (Series of 4) $200 (Save $20)
60 MIN (Series of 4) $420 (Save $20)
90 Min (Series of 4) $500 (Save $20)

Our general “rule of thumb” is as follows: Initially, we recommend 3-4 treatments to see if we can make an improvement. We look for a change in pain levels, increased activity tolerance and/or functional improvement. Subsequent recommendations for length and frequency of treatment are customized. If there is no change, we re-evaluate and make referrals to other colleagues in our circle of like-minded professionals.



Please review the below in preparation for your upcoming first appointment. We look forward to meeting with you.

INTAKE FORM: When you make your initial appointment, you will be emailed an Intake Form, please fill out BEFORE your appointment.

Clothing: Please bring a pair of shorts or loose clothing for postural assessment at your first visit.

Door Buzzer: Building has a buzzer, please follow instructions to get buzzed in.

Snow days: We follow Scituate School Cancellations.

Cancellation Policy: We often have a wait list, and appreciate your consideration of our 24-hour cancellation policy. However, we charge a late cancellation fee of $50 if under 24-hours and we are not able to fill your time. Missed appointments without any notice will be responsible for payment in full. 

We consider it an honor to be on your healthcare team. While tipping is a part of the massage and spa industry, we do not expect it here at our clinic.Referrals greatly appreciated. We work solely on word of mouth.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) Massage treatments for pain management, injuries, illnesses, and stress related conditions are eligible for FSA pre-tax spending. We recommend asking for a prescription from your physician. Although not always necessary for FSA approval, a prescription ensures that your treatment will be considered therapeutic and medically necessary. Our office will provide receipts necessary for FSA submission if needed.